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Feeding Those In Need

We Aim To Transform Empathy Into A Good Deed

 Aid persons living in Haiti who are in need of food, education, clothing and shelter.

• Help in the advancement of health by raising money for diagnostic and treatment equipment for future clinics.

• Examine assist and improve the economic hardships.

Distributing food to those in need in Haiti is our primary obligation.

Mirose Paul


Never Forget

It is not too long ago that the earth quake of 2010 devastated Haiti and brought the country to its knees. Things have not been the same sense. The media and cameras may have left but there is still work to be done, to repair the damage that has been done. That is why we do our work, because there are still those affected by the traumatic event.

Our Work In Haiti

COVID-19 has had sweeping effects on the entire world. Especially, the island of Haiti. Therefore on our recent mission trip, we have created care package for the locals and have helped them with this transition in uncertain times. JEOC was present and on the scene helping where we were needed. 

Our Care Packages


Everyone deserves access to basic food, shelter, and running water. Which can be difficult to come by in Haiti, so we have created boxes filled with tooth paste, wash rags, soap, and many other basic needs that can go a long way

Medical Supplies

There are parts of Haiti, that are hours away from any medical personnel, so we create care packages that come with medical tools to help the locals


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